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Staying Ahead with Regulations

Navigating the Global Regulatory Landscape with Confidence

The banking, financial services and insurance sectors continue to experience unprecedented volumes of regulatory change and complexity. With the shift towards bigger fines and greater personal liability, the need to stay compliant has never been stronger.

Keeping pace with new and changing regulations and industry standards is an ongoing and costly challenge for banks. Avaloq has made regulatory compliance one of its strategic priorities to ensure it is providing robust, standardised and cost-effective solutions to its community of banks in Switzerland, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Avaloq creates regulatory solutions for a number of areas from front office to back office in order to automate the application of compliance rules and regulations. This enables a smooth client experience while improving the efficiency of middle and back office operations and thus lowering costs for banks.

Supported areas include:

  • Tax regulations
  • Accounting standards
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Payment standards
  • Securities settlement standards
  • Advisory services

Competence centres in all our Avaloq locations proactively monitor markets for bank environment changes and work closely with the community. Avaloq has led several work groups effectively addressing major regulatory topics. These groups demonstrate the power of the Avaloq Community collaboration.

Avaloq is continually working on new solutions to support banks in managing upcoming regulatory changes. Important regulatory solutions in place or being developed:

  • Anti Money Laundering / Know your Customer
  • Basel II & III
  • MiFID II
  • Automatic Exchange of Information (Common Reporting Standard)
  • Tax solutions for Switzerland, Germany and other jurisdictions
  • Offshore tax reporting solution for various jurisdictions
A flexible core banking system is a significant contributor to a bank’s ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions, including compliance with changing regulations.

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