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Avaloq Banking Suite

Everything the banking business needs. Integrated, flexible, scalable.

The Avaloq Banking Suite comprises a fully integrated, modular banking solution of back, middle and front office functionalities and is successfully run in the most demanding financial centres in the world. The Avaloq Banking Suite does not merely offer functionalities, but provides customised, state-of-the-art business solutions based on the latest technologies.

Its complete integration allows end-to-end coverage of processes with maximum efficiency and flexibility.


For the most expensive roles in the financial institutions, the Avaloq Banking Suite provides dedicated business applications with maximum usability. See below the examples of the Relationship Manager and the Client Relationship Management Desk:

7 Reasons to Select the Avaloq Banking Suite:

Greater Flexibility
Our solution is customised to your individual needs and provides rapid time to market for the introduction of new products and the implementation of new business models.

Ability to Innovate

A high-quality reservoir of expertise is concentrated in the Avaloq Community, which is continually producing new ideas and solutions for practical application.

More Efficiency    
We are the market leader in operating efficiency. There is no data redundancy in the entire application, and we provide the highest possible STP rate.

Our products are in use at leading transaction banks, where the scalability of stable, well-proven technology is the key factor for the best results.

International Development    
We follow our customers abroad and are continually expanding our local and global network of partners. We develop our solutions in close cooperation with the customer and provide direct support on site.

Scope of Functions    
Our solutions are untouchable in the breadth and depth of their functions and are unique in the market (e.g. Integrated CRM, Portfolio Management and Contact Centre).

Ready for Banking    
Our Model Bank contains a complete collection of the most frequent use cases, parameterised and ready to use.

High Integration

Maximum Flexibility

Modern Architecture


A Few Examples of Our Integrated Banking Modules:

Cashier Desk

The Cashier Solution module is the working area of a cashier in which e.g. cash deposits are made. The cooperation between the client selection – where the cashier sees a short profile report with the relevant money accounts, sales opportunities and open issues – and the transaction mask allows cashiers to work in the most efficient and effective way.

Avaloq provides a highly flexible and user-friendly Cashier Operations module for cash transactions. The module allows fast processing of multiple and different use cases in a single order. Besides advice number allocation and interfaces to external systems, integrated currency conversion as well as automatic cost charging and security checks support cashiers in their everyday work.



  • Integrated solution enabling cross-selling
  • Greatest possible efficiency due to user-friendly handling (no mouse required during the entire process)
  • Quick access to other transaction types thanks to optimised navigation

Contact Center

A contact center is the central entry point for all electronic contacts – phone calls, messages such as email, text messages etc. and requests for call-back. The Avaloq Contact Center module with the Contact Center Agent application fully integrates the Avaloq Banking Suite with a financial institutions contact center solution.

  • Full integration into the Avaloq Banking Suite, offering a broad view of all customer-related data at a glance
  • Inbound functionality with electronic address resolution
  • Outbound functionality with issue and campaign management
  • Consultation calls and transfer
  • Unified messaging: phone calls, messages (emails, text messages etc.) and requests for call-back


Fact Sheet Contact Center


The Client Relationship Management module, a fully integrated module within the Avaloq application landscape, addresses both the client and client relationship-specific monitoring requirements financial institutions have. Transaction and portfolio information combined with CRM information, such as open opportunities, to-dos and meetings, can be retrieved and managed in a structured way, thereby ensuring a marked gain in efficiency. The application is designed to support client advisors in their daily business. Key features of the application comprise:

  • Different dashboards allowing a fast overview of all clients of a relationship manager and/or his/her deputies
  • A 360⁰ client view displaying all transactional and client static data including all client relationships (e.g. family connections)
  • Identification of sales opportunities to assess a client’s potential for a specific product
  • Fully-fledged contact management tool which ensures proper tracking and planning of all client interactions
  • Real-time notification and automated alert generation, guaranteeing advisors a prompt access to information
  • Integrated campaign management and issue management
  • Easy navigation from any item displayed on the dashboard to other related items

Portfolio Management

The Avaloq Portfolio Management system is an add-on module, yet fully integrated within the Avaloq application landscape. The application supports all portfolio management activities ranging from strategy definition to reporting. This ensures both high data consistency and increased efficiency. Key features of the application comprise:

Adequate tools for strategy definition

  • Asset allocations, benchmarks, restrictions and model portfolios can be set up in a structured way and maintained within a single module
  • Portfolio management instruments may be assembled together to create investment strategies and client investment contracts
  • Investment strategies can be used for groups of portfolios. The Avaloq framework also allows family portfolios to be jointly managed according to a given strategy.

Systematic portfolio implementation


The portfolio rebalancing functionality is used to align client portfolios according to the desired model using the appropriate rebalancing method. Avaloq covers a broad spectrum of rebalancing methods comprising:

  • Single or multiple asset rebalancing (set position to x% of portfolio value, position switch etc.)
  • Strategy rebalancing
  • Cash management (money sweep etc.) 
  • Currency hedging

Rebalancing can be conducted for a given client portfolio, strategy or group of portfolios. Orders can be pooled and processed according to the bank’s workflow.

Comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities


Portfolio reporting and monitoring are conveniently and efficiently carried out from the portfolio management desk. Functionalities include:

  • Portfolio valuations including future cash flows and external client holdings
  • Performance reporting over any period and in any currency. Portfolio attribution and calculation of industry standard risk figures are supported.
  • Automatic alert generation due to restriction violations
  • Easy navigation starting from any object of the portfolio view to any related object
  • Full picture of the transactional history


Fact Sheet Portfolio Management 


Management Information System (MIS)

Ready-to-use MIS for sales controlling, group reporting and cost accounting. The MIS consists of various standard calculations (e.g. assets under management, net interest margin) as well as reports for group profit-and-loss calculations (management cockpit) and cost allocation. It allows ad hoc reporting and drill-downs to detailed posting data.


Powerful, flexible solutions for dealing with local and individual tax requirements as well as international tax treaties: the tools available can be customised and enhanced in order to meet a financial institutions individual requirements. Avaloq also offers special, ready-to-use tax solutions for many countries.


A lean layer for statutory reporting significantly simplifies the development of interfaces with third-party systems and aids in quickly and securely implementing adaptations to legal requirements. Avaloq provides additional standard adapters for selected third-party systems.

Another important advantage of working with Avaloq: as a software manufacturer, we help you to navigate any and all changes in legal requirements. Our business analysts and IT specialists analyse the effects in collaboration with the Avaloq Community and supply the solutions to them.