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When Our Passion Meets Your Performance

Excel in interacting with your clients.
Achieve maximum operational efficiency.

We are passionate about boosting our customers’ business. While maximising efficiency with business process outsourcing, Avaloq enhances client experience with cutting edge front solutions.

Based on the Avaloq Banking Suite, our customers achieved:

  • More than USD 3’900 bn assets on platform
  • Reduction of operating costs by more than 20% just three years after implementation
  • 15% higher revenue than the competition three years after implementation of the Avaloq Banking Suite, +34% after five years
  • Reduction of manual processes by more than 60% after implementation of the Avaloq Banking Suite
  • Effective client interaction (front office), efficient back office processes (operational excellence)
  • High revenue and low IT cost per employee
    It was about three things: improving customer experience, creating efficiency and reducing risk.

    Jürgen Pulm, Coutts