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Behind the Scenes – Employee Portraits

Each of our innovative products is someone’s brainchild – or, to be more precise, the child of our employees’ brains. That’s why we place such high importance on people and their ideas. You can learn more about the various functions below.

Software Engineer

As a software engineer, you use your engineering know-how and work on designing and developing banking software in a specific business area. The component for which you are responsible must be integrated into the overall application. To accomplish this, you coordinate your development work with the teams in other banking areas and processes as well as in close collaboration with business analysts.

Business Analyst

As a business analyst, you analyse the customer’s needs and work closely with developers to incorporate these requirements into our banking software. At the interface between customers and developers, you are responsible for product-related services and participate in various projects. Learn more in our portrait of Victoria Schmid.


Business Consultant

In the business consulting area, you are the interface of business and IT and actively participate in the design of banking and technical solutions in collaboration with customers. Moreover, you are responsible for the continuous optimisation of processes, technical realisation and parameterisation.