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BPO – Service Offering

The Full Spectrum of BPO and Application Management Solutions

The Avaloq group is in the unique position to serve the market with industrialised banking business process outsourcing (BPO), powered by:

  • the combination of its own superior banking solution,
  • its state-of-the-art expertise for full banking platform BPO,
  • its global network of BPO service providers,
  • its in depth banking understanding.

Avaloq BPO Offering at a Glance
Avaloq provides back office administration, application management, licence and maintenance services for the most demanding financial institutions. In addition, financial institutions can also benefit from professional IT operations services.

Back Office Administration

  • Banking operation service desk
  • Payments
  • Bank to bank
  • Securities processing
  • Market events
  • Reconciliation
  • Operational control banking accounting
  • Asset Master Data
  • Banking operation projects (offered on a project basis)

IT Operations

  • Data centre housing services
  • Application operation services
  • Infrastructure services
  • Network services
  • Desktop services
  • Security services
  • Business continuity recovery services
  • IT services desk
  • Workgroup services
  • Output management services (operations and forms management, print and mail

Banking hub offers Transaction Banking Services

  • Global Brokerage
  • Global Custody
  • Global Correspondent

Application Management Services

  • Maintenance and support
  • Application enhancements (offered on a project basis)
  • Release and upgrade management

Licence and Maintenance

  • Avaloq Banking Suite
  • Third-party applications
  • Third-party services 

Digital Banking / Avaloq Front as a Service: Standardised Solution with made to measure options offering outmost flexibility and assuring up-to-dateness.
Main benefits:

  • A modern granular subscription-based commercial model
  • Benefit of Avaloq Sourcing banking operation and standardisation experience
  • No upfront infrastructure costs
  • Secure solution with defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Outsourced front platform management (build, deploy, monitor)
  • Seamless Avaloq Front  Release Upgrades
  • Access to new functionalities as they are released
  • Access to a customer service portal to subscribe/unsubscribe to features
  • Flexibility to add more users when needed
  • Access to a customisable platform based on a portal, freedom to customise it through the Front Development Kit
    (Bank, Avaloq, Partners)
  • Easy and efficient integration of third party or bank specific applications