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BPO – Making the Right Move

Increasing regulatory burden, changing client needs, falling margins, increasing market consolidation: profitability in the world of banking is under pressure.

To move and make the right moves has become crucial for banks to remain competitive and build a foundation for future growth. With the classical value chain breaking up, banks industrialise the middle and back office through outsourcing of applications and business processes while strengthening their core competencies in the front office area.

Avaloq offers the full range of ASP/BPO solutions in a unique Global Processing Network, which sets a new benchmark for efficiency and operational agility.

When do financial institutions need BPO solutions?

BPO is the right solution for financial institutions

  • that are looking for lower, predictable and variable costs to improve their cost/income ratio
  • that are willing to focus their resources on differentiating, value-add core competencies and not on non-differentiating processing of transactions
  • that start up in a new market to follow the path to international growth
  • that are planning a merger or acquisition of a competitor
  • that are too small to be able to derive economies of scale in their back office operations
  • that - independently from their size - do not consider their execution of banking processes as their key differentiator
  • whose technologies and IT solutions are nearing the end of the life cycle
  • that are looking to offer / access products and services to/from other financial institutions through the Avaloq Global Processing Network
  • that are keen to avoid the burden of change management.