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Avaloq Sourcing Master: The core of our offering

The Avaloq Sourcing Master, previously called BPO Master, is a cutting-edge BPO solution based on the Avaloq banking application landscape.

Thanks to its sophisticated preconfiguration, constant innovation based on the needs of our client community as well as vast experience from a large number of projects with our client community, Avaloq Sourcing Master significantly reduces the migration time, cost and related risks.

Avaloq Sourcing Master covers more than 230 banking processes end-to-end:

Avaloq Sourcing offers its Avaloq Sourcing Master in two versions:

  • Standard Edition
  • Custom Edition

Avaloq Sourcing Master Standard Edition: A clearly defined scope with standard options available like e-Banking, selected banking products, locations.

Main benefits of the Avaloq Sourcing Master Standard Edition:

  • Fastest time to market, a 4-9 months project
  • Highest predictability
  • Exceptionally cost-effective
  • Predefined and standardized customization options are available
  • Fixed structure and 3rd party products
  • Full BPO service is part of the solution
  • BOA (including Banking Hub)
  • ITO
  • AMS
  • Private Banking / Switzerland
  • Light and fast Implementation Project
  • An ideal and powerful solution for small to mid-sized banks




Avaloq Sourcing Master Custom Edition provides additional freedom in tailoring the solution to the bank’s needs.

Main benefits of the Avaloq Sourcing Master Custom Edition:

  • An ideal solution for mid-sized to large banks with a more complex organizational or regional set-up and / or business model
  • Intensified analysis and design phase
  • Highest flexibility withour compromising the level of industrialization
  • 9 (+) month project