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How Avaloq BPO Makes a Difference

An Independent Service Provider with an integrated value chain from software development to implementation and deployment of operations offering the complete set of tools

Avaloq is the only BPO provider with a fully-fledged front-to-back offering.

  • Increased efficiency due to optimised front-to-back processes through industrialisation and automatisation by focusing on cutting edge technology and skills instead of offshoring
  • Significant cost reduction by using economies of scale thanks to the large and further growing Avaloq client community
  • Reduced complexity in managing multiple entities thanks to clustering functionality along business areas and markets and thanks to selective switch mechanisms
  • Simplified addition of market or regulatory specificities over the core basis because of the componentised functional architecture
  • Cutting edge innovation supported by significant investments
  • Independent governance with no conflict of interests
  • Significant enabler of fast integration in case of M&A

    Avaloq has a consistent approach to developing BPO solutions across geographies starting from a standard configuration of the Avaloq Banking Suite.

    • Reduced need for customer adaptations by leveraging common standards

    Avaloq offers BPO services based on its own software.

    • This closed learning loop allows us to constantly improve the software based on our experience

    With the Banking Hub, Avaloq offers customers competitive conditions for street-side business with a high level of integration and automation.

    Avaloq ensures that there is no conflict of interest in terms of our governance model.

    • Avaloq does not compete with financial institutions, but provides BPO services as a non-bank.