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Vision and Values

From a Start-Up Culture to a Network Culture

Avaloq Vision

We are a technology-driven financial services provider. Our software is the international reference for integrated and comprehensive banking software solutions. With the power from our BPO centres and the insights of the Avaloq community, we co-design the future of banking.

Avaloq Values

We understand banking innovation as networked value chain. To foster a road map for network excellence, our employees defined the following values of Avaloq:

The five core values constitute an interrelated framework for Avaloq corporate culture and should only be interpreted, assessed or substantiated in context with each other.

DRIVE - vitality, agility

Learning or innovation cannot happen without a high degree of energy.

Never-ending curiosity and personal readiness to accept uncertainties are crucial for the capability of a company to offer new solutions that create value.

RIGOUR - consequence, straightness

Optimal use of power depends on the reliable interaction between all involved components. Without a high degree of acceptance and discipline concerning governance, processes and structures, the organisation is too complicated to act efficiently and to leverage synergistic effects.

NEXUS - connectivity, share

Quality of performance and speed of problem-solving is a direct function of connection density. The more people in a company collaborate and the more diversity a corporate culture is able to handle, the better the company is equipped for the challenges of a networked world.

COURAGE - decisiveness, challenge

Fundamental change implies the destabilisation of an existing state of order.

Only when people dare to adopt new perspectives, and when they are ready to challenge the status quo and to think out of the box, can the potential of a company unfold.

INSIGHT - receptiveness, emphathy

Sustainable success is a matter of anticipation of environmental changes. Especially in cases of high volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, early recognition of patterns in market dynamics is crucial to be able to manage complex situations and to reach future potentials.