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A technology driven financial services provider ...

…deeply rooted in banking.

Laying the groundwork

1985BZ Bank founds BZ Informatik.
1991Partial management buy-out, management of BZ Informatik takes over 30% of the company’s equity capital.
1994-1996BZ Informatik develops new banking system “AdvAntAge”, first implementation at a Swiss private bank.
The company has 5 employees, 1 customer and 500 users.

Launch of the Avaloq Banking System

1996-2001BZ Informatik becomes Avaloq. Product and company carry the new brand. Barclays Wealth decides for Avaloq. Software implementation partnerships are built up.
2001Employees and management take over 100% of the Avaloq equity capital.
2003For the first time, Avaloq is implemented at a retail bank.
Avaloq has 250 employees, 20 customers and 15,000 users.

An international leader in banking software

2005-2006Avaloq enters the Asian Market and distributes the Avaloq Banking Suite from Singapore. New customers in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Hong Kong and Guernsey. Coutts, LGT and Raiffeisen opt for the Avaloq Banking Suite.
2007Avaloq opens branches in Luxembourg and Singapore.
2008-2009The first subsidiary in Germany opens.                                                  
2010Subsidiaries open in London and Hong Kong.
Avaloq has 1,200 employees from 40 nations, 45 customers and 40,000 users.

A strong partner for the financial industry

2011Avaloq acquires a majority holding in B-Source, now Avaloq Sourcing Switzerland & Liechtenstein (ASSL), a leading Swiss BPO provider. The Development Centre in Edinburgh is inaugurated. A new subsidiary in Paris opens.
2012Agricultural Bank of China opts for the Avaloq Banking Suite. In Germany, Avaloq acquires Höll Computer&Software GmbH. Avaloq takes a majority stake in quirin bank’s BPO business, creating Avaloq Sourcing (Deutschland) AG to offer professional outsourcing solutions.
2013A subsidiary in Sydney, Australia opens. Deutsche Bank Switzerland outsources Wealth Management operations to Avaloq. SwissLife Banque Privée and HSBC Private Bank join the Avaloq Community, and so does Canaccord Genuity as first pure Wealth Manager.
2014Avaloq opens another BPO Centre in Singapore. In Germany, İşbank opts for the Avaloq Banking Suite. Together with Raiffeisen, Avaloq founds ARIZON Sourcing AG to build, implement and run Switzerland’s best retail banking solution for over 300 Raiffeisen cooperative banks.
2015The Avaloq group, an international technology driven financial services provider, has over 2,000 employees today. Almost 60,000 users worldwide operate the Avaloq Banking Suite. Avaloq aims at playing a leading role in shaping the financial industry’s future. Learn more about Avaloq’s mission here.
2016Avaloq group accelerates the execution of its growth strategy and is now sole owner of B-Source, now Avaloq Sourcing Switzerland & Liechtenstein (ASSL), its Swiss BPO center. Read more about this company's growth.